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Great Rivers Partnership II:
Business Plan 2013-2017

Location: Eight river basins on four continents:
Colorado, Magdalena, Mekong, Mississippi, Niger,
Ogooué, Tapajós, and Yangtze Rivers
Client: The Nature Conservancy

The world's great rivers ‐ the large, productive waterways that sustain many nations with food, water, and energy such as the Mississippi and Yangtze Rivers ‐ are increasingly at risk under the weight of competing uses, pollution, population growth, and climate change. The Great Rivers Partnership (GRP), founded in 2005 by The Nature Conservancy, brings together the ideas, research and experience of the global community of people working to secure these vital natural systems for people and nature.

Nautilus helped the GRP select eight river basins to focus on in depth over the next five years and then coordinated their Business Plan for 2013-2017, which will support partnerships with multiple stakeholders at the level of each individual river basin, exchange best science and successful results across basins, and scale up impacts by engaging a global network to influence major public and private policy and investment decisions.

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