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  • NBC Nightly News highlights resiliency planning at Battery Park City in their special 2020: The Year of Climate Extremes. Nautilus is working on the first segment of this innovative project as part of a team with AECOM (shown at 1:30 minutes). Watch video clip…

  • UNESCO and the iWSSM have begun publishing a series on global water security, including a chapter by Nautilus on "Water Security and Green Growth: Supporting Development While Safeguarding Water Resources" summarizing our research and policy analysis of international best practices. Visit UNESCO Digital Library…

  • Nautilus presented their work for the World Water Council in partnership with the government of South Korea at the world's largest water-related conference - World Water Forum 8 in 2018. For "Water & Green Growth: Accelerating the Green Transition for All," Nautilus' President Bonnie A. Harken AIA described financial mechanisms to protect watersheds and summarized their case study on Quito, Ecuador pioneering use of water funds. For "Green Transition for Enhancing Water Security for All," Ms. Harken spoke about the importance of a multi-pronged approach encompassing both centralized and decentralized infrastructure investments, modifications to public policies and institutions, and innovations in technologies to provide reliable and secure water resources. She illustrated those with Nautilus' case study in Gujarat, India. Both events were co-sponsored by K-water Institute, UNESCO-iWSSM and the World Water Council. Read more about World Water Forum 8 > >

    "Building Better, Building Smarter: Opportunities for Design and Development" is a collaborative initiative by the AIA New York Chapter's Post-Sandy Initiative addressing the impacts of the storm and effects of future climate change on New York City.

    The Post-Sandy Initiative of the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects was awarded the national 2014 AIA Institute Honors for Collaborative and Professional Achievement. As part of this effort, Nautilus' President, Bonnie A. Harken AIA & APA, co-chaired a multi-disciplinary working group on waterfront issues.

    Read more about Nautilus' post-Sandy work > >

  • Nautilus International won the national and New York State 2016 SARA awards for the Kingston Waterfront Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Step 3 Plan on the Hudson River and Rondout Creek as part of a team headed by P+W. Nautilus designed a waterfront management structure for the mixed-use plan and recommended updates to the design guidelines. Read more about the Kingston Waterfront Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Step 3 Plan. Read more about Industry Recognition for Nautilus' work > >

  • Professional Activities: Ms. Harken served on the New York City Mayor's Waterfront Management Advisory Board, where she represented the NY Metro Chapter of the American Planning Association since it was convened in 2010 through 2014. Read more about Nautilus' Professional Activities > >

  • Successful waterfront revitalization often requires the ability to navigate complex permitting procedures. Our President, Bonnie A. Harken, AIA spoke on Nautilus' recent scientific research at "New Trends in Coastal Mitigation: A Detailed Look at In-Water Impacts & Mitigation in NYC" in 2017. This professional education session was sponsored by the American Planning Association Waterfront Committee and included speakers on wetland mitigation, and New York City's first wetland bank and available mitigation credits from the NYC Department of Parks and Economic Development Corporation. Ms. Harken presented key findings of Nautilus' Floating Structures Pilot Project: Fish Utilization & Response and Hydrodynamics & Sediment Transport, a study sponsored by The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey in response to increasing demands for floating structures in NY Harbor to serve important regional needs, such as expanded ferry networks and climate adaption. For more information…

  • Planning for coastal resiliency in New York City has taken on new significance and urgency in light of the impacts on other cities from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. At "New York's Next Hurricane: A Progress Report on Planning for Coastal Resilience," speakers from New York City and State's public agencies responsible for waterfront planning presented up-to-date progress since Superstorm Sandy, described efforts currently underway, and explored what needs to be addressed before New York's next hurricane. The panel was moderated by Nautilus' President, Bonnie A. Harken, AIA and was part of the American Planning Association's NY Metro Chapter's annual conference in 2017. The discussion considered if there are insights from New York's experiences with rebuilding and recovery that may be of value to the cities affected by this season's hurricanes.

  • "Connecting the Dots: NYC's Ferry Expansion and What It Means for Waterfront Communities," a discussion on New York City's $55M ferry service expansion, brought together a diverse panel to discuss five new ferry routes announced by the City as an important initiative to provide new transit options to underserved areas and to complement plans for additional jobs and housing on the waterfront. Nautilus' President, Bonnie A. Harken, AIA spoke on ferries in other port cities around the world and their role in waterfront revitalization. The program not only described the ferry expansion plan and process for its development, as of June 2016, but also fostered a dialogue on how the plan will impact waterfronts, communities and transportation in the region. Its hosts, the Waterfront and Transportation Committees of the New York Metro Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-NYM), intended the event to contribute meaningfully to the planning process and public discourse regarding the City's efforts to connect its waterfront communities and parks.

  • Harbors have inspired artists throughout history and their works capture the stories of famous maritime scenes and places. "Forgotten Harbor, Found in Art" explored places in New York Harbor that tell the history of our working waterfronts through public art. Nautilus' President, Bonnie A. Harken, AIA spoke about public art and the innovative program at Battery Park City, which redefined the role of the artist as a collaborator with architects and landscape architects in the design of public spaces. Ms. Harken was project manager for over a dozen urban design and architectural projects at Battery Park City, including overseeing the master planning when she helped coordinate the open space plan with the public arts program at Alexander Cooper 7amp; Partners. Ms. Harken is a Board member of the Working Harbor Committee, which created this unique Hidden Harbor® boat tour to launch their 2016 series.