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Water and Green Growth:
Case Studies & Framework for Action

Location: Global
Client: World Water Council (in partnership with the South Korean Government)

The concept of "green growth" has arisen out of the high environmental cost of rapid urbanization and economic development, especially in Asia. Green growth means "environmentally sustainable economic progress to foster low-carbon, socially inclusive development," according to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The first phase of the project addressed questions about why water is important, what role it plays, and how to enhance that role. Key proposals supported policy work at the 6th World Water Forum in 2012, resulting in a policy framework for action, which addresses innovation, economic valuation of water's eco-system services, and investment among other issues. The second phase developed and promoted the policy framework to ensure that water remains a high priority for the international community. In the third and final phase, a report was prepared demonstrating how water resources are an integral component of green growth.

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