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Take Me to the River
Streetscape Guidelines

Location: West Harlem & Washington Heights, New York
Clients: City of New York, Office of Manhattan Borough President
and NYS Department of State, Division of Coastal Resources
Subconsultant: EDAW, Inc.

While this multi-cultural, 22-block area already has a vibrant street life, coordinated streetscape guidelines were needed to help improve the quality of connections between economic, cultural, and open space resources and enhance the sense of place, as well as to stimulate the retail environment on Broadway.

Based on the community's consensus to "Start the Park at Broadway," the guidelines call for creating park-like environments along the Broadway spine, major crosstown streets, and side streets that provide public access and view corridors to the waterfront. Key recommendations include upgrading to achieve current New York City and Broadway Mall Association standards and defining a local identify through contextual urban design, landscape elements, a public art program, and an environmental graphics system for wayfinding.

Nautilus led a community-based planning process working with public agencies and over 25 local organizations, businesses, and residents. Coordinating 10 subconsulting firms, we developed streetscape guidelines which will enrich the existing street life, optimize the pedestrian environment, reduce car dependency, and help residents find and enjoy their many cultural and recreational assets.

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